Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friends of Things We Forget: Ng Chin Siang

What's your name and where do you live?
Ng Chin Siang and I live in Singapore.

What's your philosophy of life?

There is an old Chinese saying: “天下沒有不能解決的事,只有不想解決的事
(There's nothing that can’t be resolved in this Universe, it's up to you.) 

What's the one quote that has inspired you the most?
I came across a quote on a poster in a local Thai Buddhist Temple. This quote really inspired me, when I became a fulltime Taxi Driver on the road - “Do try to do good but not to be great, otherwise you will be in danger.” 

Who's the one person who has inspired you the most?
My late grandfather who came to Singapore from China during the civil war. He came with a 4-foot-long sugar cane stick (to quench his thirst and to chase away stray dogs), a suitcase a little cash. Through his hard work, he managed to save enough to open a provision shop and raise ten kids.

What makes you happiest?
A simple smile from anyone. And my two-month old nephew.

6) Do you have a favourite Things We Forget note? (If you don't have one, that's fine too)

Thank you, Ng Chin Siang!

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