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telok kurua, singapore

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eastshore hospital, singapore

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bedok food centre, singapore

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the summit, singapore
a big thank you to Radhika Panikar

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#365 and a huge Thank You!

chin swee road, singapore

THINGS WE FORGET completes one year today. 365 posts. and i couldn't have done a note each day without your encouragement and support. i'm grateful to each and every one of you. i am forever in the debt of Asha; for her help, inspiration and understanding every single day. To Juggi and Jason for their support. and Rowena and Valli, for being my cheerleaders and friends. and finally, you, dear Reader of THINGS WE FORGET. I owe you big time!

I have a lot planned: a book, cards and much more.

But first I want to give you a 'first anniversary gift' to thank you properly (: a free downloadable THINGS WE FORGET screensaver

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

#361: help haiti, please

little india, singapore

let's help the people of Haiti in any way we can. send money, clothes, food, a prayer. may everyone in haiti be well.

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