Friday, May 7, 2010


cluny court, singapore

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  1. yea.... i agreed with this.

    there's a girl whom i consider as a best friend.
    treating me like a dump of rubbish beside the road.

    she said she had bad impression with me .
    she said i spoiled every presentation of hers in class.
    she said i 'm annoying .

    and there's one day .

    i went back early from school and i forgotten to bring back my text .
    my friend passed it to her .

    and she don't wanna keep it.
    and then she walked and walked until the stairs and said. 哎呀, 不管了啦 ( aiya , don't care la ) and there goes my text books flying in the air and land unsafely on my other best friend 's head.

    and when she knew i was angry .

    there she goes writing that she's very dissapointed with me because i'm angry of this thing.

    *toot* her la . Do wrong things but don't have the guts to face the consequences .

    she said she treated me as a best friend wor.

    and the next day , she was sitting on other ppl's seat instead of her original which is beside me.

    and this is how she treat her bestfriend.

    i din even scold her .
    din even stimulate a single pain receptor of hers . and there she goes .

    talking rubbish.


    now we both dont have any topics to talk on .
    she's back on her seat .

    and i'm suffering in silence .