Monday, December 7, 2009

thank you!

i've just received the 200th request for a THINGS WE FORGET note for Christmas. I'll be drawing and mailing them on a first-come-first-served basis. the requests are closed for now. let me finish the first 200 and then we'll see, cool?


  1. oh, I didn't see that you ship international before now :( you have to make more so I can have one :D It would be so cool!

  2. Shucks, I saw this far too late to be able to request one. :(

    Hope you do make more, though I understand it's quite a big load of work, it'd be wonderful to have one of your post it notes so I could leave it someplace that special someone might remember that which was forgotten.


  3. You're awesome!!!!
    And I saw this too late :( Do let us know if you decide to open the offer agian!

  4. Aw man! I decided to send in my request too late ): Please reopen it if you can, thank you (:

  5. this is great! :D

    but shucks, saw this notice a lil too late. ): hopefully you'll allow requests in again.
    oh btw, this is a really cool blog! ACED!


  6. oh my! i also saw it too late! yeah..i also hope u allow requests in again! haha. anw i love all of your post its. it's really cool n awesome! (:


  7. I hope I made it. You must be overwhelmed.200 is really quite something.

  8. oh my gosh :( I'm late :'(
    anyway, you are doing an awesome job.
    kisses from Spain :)

  9. I wish I had seen this prior, I've been too life-involved to check my reader lately. These notes always get me through the horrible times--which I'm experiencing more of, as of late--thank you for all that you do.